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Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Eighth Annual...
Proteomic and Genomic Sample Preparation:

Optimizing Samples for Diagnostics and Drug Discovery

May 19-21, 2008 • Hilton Boston Logan Airport • Boston, MA

This meeting has been running successfully for seven consecutive years and it is addressing the ever challenging needs around extracting, creating and keeping samples and templates of highest quality as this is the key factor for producing high-throughput data of optimal quality. 

For a successful data output, state of the art information on the rapidly emerging integration of technologies is necessary and it will be presented in this conference.

Some of the pressing questions to be addressed are:

  • What is the current status of validation of reference materials?
  • How can high quality tissue be procured?
  • What is the newest on handling different body fluids?
  • Frozen vs fresh tissue – what are the different procedures?
  • How can the QC of templates be ensured?
  • Low abundance proteoms – how can they be enriched?
  • What are the current storage options?
  • How do sample collection parameters influence functional assays?

A carefully selected group of speakers from academia and industry will provide you with the latest answers to those questions and with the newest information and trends on preparing and handling genomic and proteomic templates no matter if they are used for diagnostic or research purposes. They will discuss critically the pros and cons of methods and technologies used and how these might influence the data downstream. Panel discussions and informal meet the expert break out groups provide plenty of opportunity to get answers from top experts. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to be part of the distinguished faculty at this event!

Topics to be covered: 

Proteomic Sample Preparation
(May 19 – 20)

  • Sample collection and Extraction
  • Sample storage
  • Laser Capture Microdissection
  • Extracting Proteins from tissues 
  • FFPE vs fresh tissues
  • Human tissues for functional assays
  • Stability
  • Identification Protocols
  • Sample Collection Parameters
  • Protein enrichment
  • Sample prep in plasma and serum
  • Quality control
  • Mass spec
  • Standardization protocols – setting standards
  • Sample partitioning
  • Protein fractionation
  • Sample validation

To submit a proposal for  Proteomic Sample Preparation, please click here.

Genomic Sample Preparation
(May 20 – 21)

  • Genotyping
  • Genomic Analysis
  • DNA / RNA extraction and purification 
  • RNA intactness – high integrity templates
  • RNA amplification
  • Profiling of CTC’s
  • Lab on a Chip
  • Samples for HT functional genomics
  • Standardization protocols – setting standards
  • Stability – new methods and technologies
  • QC – predicting quality of templates
  • New quality control methods
  • PPFE vs frozen tissue: new technologies, methods and challenges of sample isolation
  • Nucleic Acid sample prep
  • CGH for DNA preparation
  • Genome Amplification
  • Automation of sample preparation

To submit a proposal for  Genomic Sample Preparation, please click here.

If you would like to give an oral presentation at one of these conferences, please submit a proposal, including the title and brief (3-5 sentences) summary on your recent work in the area of Genomic or Proteomic Sample Preparation. 

To ensure the quality of the program, all proposals will be reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Committee. 

Deadline: Friday, November 16, 2007

For more information regarding the agenda please contact: 
Margit Eder, Ph.D., Conference Director, Cambridge Healthtech Institute
Phone: 781-972-5478

For sponsorship or exhibiting information, please contact:
Suzanne Carroll, Business Development Manager
Phone: 781-972-5452, E-mail:




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